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After adding the X-Wheels tag onto the Vehicle object, and click on "Add Axis" button, nothing changed in the Attribute manager.

According to the manual, I should see  "Axis 3, 4, 5..etc." and the 'Property' dropdown menu where I can change "Front Wheels" or "Rear Wheels".  Did I miss something?

(I'm using R20. Latest version of DRIVE and X-Wheels)
Thanks in advance for the help.

CINEMA 4D version R20
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1 Answer

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Are you working on Windows or macOS? I cannot reproduce the issue here on Windows.

Two new wheels should appear in the middle of the car. If you open the "Body" object in the object manager, the new objects "Suspension 3L", "Suspension 3R" and "Wheel 3L", Wheel 3R" should be present. If so, there might be a conflict with another plugin. Please remove all other plugins and try again.

Otherwise. please send screenshots of the object manager with unfolded hierachy and the attribute manager of the X-Wheels tag to "support [at] c4dplugin.com".
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Issue has been addressed in latest version of X-Wheels. Thanks.

Love the Drive/X-Wheels plugins!