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so I made sure to align my axis along the positive z-axis, tried different variations etc. but everytime I let the car drive along a route, it drives backwards, even though the wheels are turning forwards the correct way? What am I doing wrong? Also there is no km/h displayed when letting the car drive, in case that helps troubleshooting. I'm lost, thank you in advance for your help!
CINEMA 4D version R23
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1 Answer

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The default car is done with a few clicks and this car will definitely drive correct. So I suggest to create a new Simulation object, then click on Create Vehicle and in the newly created vehicle object go to the tab Driving Control and click on Create right hand of the link field for the route object group. In the automatically opening route object tag click on Add Speed Point to set the desired speed. Move the position to 100 % and run the animation.
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