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I have two vehicles in my Scene.
I want to change them colors.
Every Vehicle has its own material group in the simulation.
The chasis-polygon-geometry of both is in its own Null-Group.
All other parts are placed in another Null-Object with different Materials.
I have two material-Groups. The Chasis Null-Group Material is once each in one of the groups.
But when I run the simulation only one material Group is used. Only one vehicle is changing colors.
If I give the second car its Chasis Null-Group) the same Material as car One, the colors of all are changing. But only with that of Group One.
For what is the traffic-Simulator searching for?
Is there any restriction for Names (Color / Geometry / Null-Object)?
Any other restriction / advice?
CINEMA 4D version 15
in RealTraffic :: Traffic Simulator by (240 points)

2 Answers

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If enabled, all polygon objects of newly ejected car clones are replaced by (render) instances. So the materials, that you want to be changed, should not be assigned to polygon objects but to parent groups. So just group all body panels under a body group and assign the car paint to the group object.
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That´s how I did it.
And for the first group of cars it works.
But if I create a second Color Group and asign them to other vehicles it doesn´t work for the second group.
So my question is how to use different color-groups for changing the colors of different groups of vehicles.
Yes the first car is the master car, so material echange will work independent of the object type, but the clones that use instances, will take over the materials from the master, if the appropriate objects are inside the instance.

Please send a reduced and zipped project file to support-at-c4dplugin-dot-com, if things don't get clear.
I´m not sure, if you understand what I´m trying...
I have 2 Cars. A Little One and a Big One.
I want to change the Colors of (the clones of) both Cars differently.
So I created 2 Material-Groups.
Assigned a color of each group to both cars.
But only the first (Material) Group is working.
The second car does not change its color.
I´ll try to setup a reduced project and send it via mail.
But thanks for the answers.
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There was a bug when using more than 1 material list. We have just released a hotfix that is available via online updater for users of C4D R20 and R21. Click on "Install 1.22.0" in the attribute manager of the RealTraffic simulation object.

The full software package will be updated within the next weeks.
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