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Hey there,

 I'm using the Drive Plugin with several Render Nodes through R16 Team Render. I've recorded my simulation to keyframes and submitted to Team Render only to watch it fail citing several missing plugins. Is there an appropriate procedure for baking/recording/caching this simulation and removing the Drive Plugin so I can access the render farm? Or do I need several render node licenses to use this tool via network rendering?
CINEMA 4D version R16
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1 Answer

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If you have access to the render machines you may install DRIVE on these machines. No license is required when running as render client or server.

Otherwise you have to remove all DRIVE tags and objects. You can create nulls as a replacement for the Vehicle objects and transfer all child objects to the null. Move the null object(s) out of the simulation object. Then delete these DRIVE objects. You may delete all routes and commands etc. or just the tags.

If you have Xpresso wirings using the vehicle object output ports, you have to create a data object BEFORE recording to keyframes. See details in the manual.
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