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Is it possible to customize a part of the simulation, with keyframing? I need my front wheels top block sideways and the car should not take a turn but keeps sliding in forward motion.
This is difficult to realize with simulation so I am wondering if it is possible to alter the outcome of the simulation manually at some point. Please tell me if this is possible .
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1 Answer

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Isn't there a physical reason, why the wheels should block? Maybe a wet spot or an oil puddle? You can simulate this by reducing the grip of ground partially by setting point weights. You could also animate the grip level. See manual: http://www.c4dplugin.de/drive/manual/pages/index_en.html?v=160

Another way could be, to simulate the car as closely to what you want as possible, record it to keyframes and edit the keys.

There is no way to combine keyframes and simulation directly.
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