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I noticed on your tutorial that in order to make the hood crumple, you used a hood that was rigged in cinema...how can I make a hood crumple better that is not rigged, or do I have to learn to rig one? Does simply increasing the polygon count help with this? I have tried increasing polygons, but doesn´t seem to make my hood crumple any better...
in CRASHBOX :: Collision Add-on by

1 Answer

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Crashbox does not directly deform objects but controls objects to be used to make deformations. There are currenty three possibilities: Crashbox can control a spline deformer or a FFD deformer or can move objects according to the deformations of the car´s outline. It´s up to your ideas to use it for making deformations. The joint rig for the hood is just one idea to use the movements of these objects for crumpling a mesh.

The crashtest tutorial: http://youtu.be/GHyCkXFS6V4?hd=1