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Using drive! is nice to create animations where a vehicle is a "hero" in a story. Adding a couple of cars and creating several routes is quite easy. With the aim of creating a story within city traffic, does it make more sense to continue creating surrounding traffic with drive! or would a combination with realtraffic make more sense?
If so, how would this be made, and how could a hero vehicle simulated by drive be integrated in traffic then?

Thanks a lot!
CINEMA 4D version r25
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Our police car chase animation is a good example, that you can work with both simulations, Drive and RealTraffic. We have created the DRIVE animations first. In a second step, we have added the background traffic. E.g., we have used invisible traffic lights to stop the traffic at certain time in order to let the police car pass by. We have also moved the animation track of the tram in time after baking the simulation to sync it with the Jaguar.

The video and more info (in German) on https://heyne.co/projects-37
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