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I am really enjoying this pliugin so far, and also the fact that you can output data.
Outputting or bringing the km/h data to a text object to display it on the dashboard of my driving car was easy, but I can't figure out the best to output the driven distance. Is there a way to fetch the length of the driven route at a certain point?
I am using a spline as a route, so getting the length of this one is easy in xpresso, but knowing how much of it was driven already is unclear to me.
How would you do this?

Thanks a lot!
CINEMA 4D version R25
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1 Answer

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This would be a nice feature to be built in! :-)

Since the car not always drives on the route like on rails, the spline length would not be exact and I currently don't see any possibility to get the percentual position of the car on the spline.

My approach would be using the rotation angle of the driven wheels. The P-angle has to be multiplied by the radius of the wheel. This results in the driven distance in meters. (2*PI*radius = circumference of the wheel). Be sure to use radians not degree!
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Thanks for your answer!
I tried something along those lines, and it works!
Used both the Front Right Wheel and the Front Left Wheel to find a median distance, compared it to the length of the route - it matches with the route length approximation.
Here is an xpresso screenshot: https://ibb.co/GHZNSLs
Thanks again.