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0 votes
I have discovered the "Tracks" feature which is really good btw!

It all works fine and produces a desirable result when previewing my simulation in Realtime. When I record the simulation to keyframes though, the traced curves are slightly a head of my car position which obviously does not create the desired effect.

I've spent a couple of hours checking the manual and playing around with the settings but what ever I do the process of recording my simulation to keyframes breaks the Tracks feature.

Do you have any suggestions?
CINEMA 4D version R20
in DRIVE! :: Car Simulation by (140 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
Are you using a hilly ground object  or does your car drive on a plane surface?

Can you please provide a link to download a small example scene that is able to reproduce the issue? Setting up a simple scene doesn't show any issues for me.
by (2.7k points)
It is a hilly ground. (A plane with a displace deformer baked back down to polygons.)

I received a notification email from: answers@c4dplugin.com

I will send a stripped down test scene to this address.
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We have just released an update. It should be available within Cinema 4D on the DRIVE simulation tab. Alternatively, you can download the package from the customer area on c4dplugin.com.
by (2.7k points)
Wow! great support. Thankyou so much for fixing this so fast.