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I have the problem that my material on my vehicle is flickering when it's simulated with drive. Not only the parts of the actual simulation are affected. I have a kind of crane on my simulated vehicle wich is not part of the actual simulation, but inside the "body" to ensure that it's "driving" along. If I put it "outside" the simulation (body), it's not flickering anymore when animated.

Any ideas or suggestions?

thanks in advance.
CINEMA 4D version R23
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2 Answers

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I found the solution myself.

I solved it by adding a Display-Tag and turning on the "Backface Culling".

Thanks madmandrax for the further hints with the rendering.
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Never heard of such problems. Do you mean the final rendering or the editor view? Maybe an outdated OpenGL version?

A general recommendation is to record the simulation to keyframes before the final rendering. This takes just a few seconds. Additionally you can remove all DRIVE objects from the scene with one mouse click. You'll then get a standard C4D project that can be rendered on any computer or render farm without having the plugin to be installed.
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