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In R23, after putting the dr202 file in the plugin folder and restarting, the Register Automotive Plugins item for entering the license key appears.

DRIVE! Entering the 12-digit license key for the item does not change anything.

Entering the 12-digit license key correctly does not change anything,
If i enter another number as part of it, nothing changes as well.
CINEMA 4D version R23
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2 Answers

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Looks like your license key is wrong. Please contact our support team via our contact page on c4dplugin.com providing your registered e-mail and license key.
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You have provided an invalid system id when purchasing, so the license key you have got is also invalid. Please follow the instructions on our website to retrieve your right system-id. Choose "Extensions->Tools->Export License Overview... " in Cinema 4D. A text file called "MaxonLicensingInfo********.txt" will be generated and probably opened after saving to any location. Please locate the line starting with "systemid":. The following string is your system id (excluding quotes, but including special chars like =).
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