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Hi there

is it possible to bake animations to objects linked to the car?
I have a camera following the car (linked to geometry) that has its own animation (relative to the car).
For post production I would like to export that whole animation (simulation + relative animation) in a keyframed animation to be able to export to an after effects camera


in that context - how would you prepare a Drive! animation to render on a team-render farm? baking the animation?
CINEMA 4D version R20
in DRIVE! :: Car Simulation by (120 points)

1 Answer

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For any case, it is recommended to bake/record the DRIVE simulation when it is completed. This is valid for rendering, no matter of using a single computer or a network.

I don't understand the question with your camera. If it is animated with C4D tools (scripting or keyframes) there is no difference to any other animation project. I don't see the context to DRIVE.
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