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Hi, I'm wondering how to rig the axle of a rock crawler model in Drive 2.1?

I've downloaded the Hummer example but that uses suspension arms for each wheel.

I want to be able to have the wheels attached to the front and rear axles, and have those axles suspended/connected to the chassis.

I can't see where to put the axles in the object hierarchy in C4D, as they're divided into specific wheels.

In the rig I have currently, the axles go up and down with the chassis, and intersect with the wheels, rather than being connected to them.

This is the model I'm using, you can see how the suspension is rigged.


Is it possible to rig a vehicle like this in Drive?

CINEMA 4D version R19
in DRIVE! :: Car Simulation by

2 Answers

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Yes, it's possible, but just like the Hummer example, special mechanical movements have to be made using C4D tools like the Target tag.

DRIVE just provides the positions and rotations of the basic car components. You are responsible for the visualization of special mechanics.
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I would try to set the object axis of the axle object at the position of one of the wheels and put the object into the suspension container object at this wheel. Then add a target tag to let the axle always point to the other wheel.
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