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first - amazing plugin - thankyou!

Second - I've successfully made a car drive, and saved the setup.

I now want to modify this setup (change from spline path to polygon road / path), but on returning to Drive! Vehicle layer in C4D, most of the controls are greyed out (including Driving Control).

I apologise if I've missed something obvious...
CINEMA 4D version R19
asked in DRIVE! :: Car Simulation by
The savable setup does not include driving control settings. The setup file just saves basic vehicle parameters.

1 Answer

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Most of the parameters are disabled if the simulation is currently active. The simulation is activated automatically when the animation is running. Set the animation back to frame 0 to get it in edit mode.
answered by (1.9k points)
Ahh - indeed a beginner error - frame zero solved it. Thankyou.