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0 votes
I have a quite large traffic simulation with highways, overpasses, roundabouts, double lanes etc... and each time I record a simulation it places some vehicles out of the lanes I have drawn and they animate along an invisible path.
CINEMA 4D version R19
in RealTraffic :: Traffic Simulator by

2 Answers

0 votes
It's hard to answer this question without examing your project. I assume, s.th. is wrong with your splines. Have you used Bezier Splines? Other types are currently not supported. Please contact the support team on https://c4dplugin.com.
Thanks Manuel, I'll contact support, maybe I can send them my scene file? Yeah I'm using bezier splines so its really weird.
0 votes
RealTraffic currently has problems with spline segments. Segments are internally connected, so kind of ghost lanes occur. Just split such splines using the C4D spline function "Explode Segments". The problem will be fixed with the next update.