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I followed your Drive tutorial. And rigged my car then added my geometry into their respective nulls. Then clicked simulate in the Drive Simulation. However my car did not drop with gravity. Also when i tried to drive it. All Powertrain, dynamics,geometry. Is all greyed out and i cant drive the car at all.
CINEMA 4D version r17
asked in DRIVE! :: Car Simulation by

1 Answer

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Which tutorial do you mean? There are some out there that are outdated. So you no longer need to shift the chassis upwards regarding the gravity. This is all done internally now.

I recommend to follow the latest truck tutorial. Just omit the additional axes.

Most of the car parameters can only be edited at time position 0. Otherwise the simulation is active and editing is disabled.

Feel free to contact the support on www.c4dplugin.com. You may send your project file by replying on the reply you'll get.
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